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FAT-CAT FISH® Company is supplying Pets (and People)™ with Ultra-Premium and Responsibly-Sourced Fish.

SALMON OR WHITEFISH: Our products contain one single ingredient – FISH! We offer ground/frozen nude block; dried dice or mince; and finished salmon treats all produced in the USA using advanced technology and equipment.

QUALITY FIRST: At Fat-Cat Fish Company we believe that pets are part of the family, and that is why our ingredients come from fish processed for human consumption. Fat-Cat Fish is supplying pet food manufacturers with a heart-healthy protein because a diet rich in omega-3 wild salmon is good for pets too.

SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY: Fat-Cat Fish sources fish from sustainable fisheries using responsible catch methods in Alaska, California, Michigan, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia in order to provide the pet food industry with a stable supply of fish protein without depleting the natural resources.

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: We deliver certificates of analysis including protein, moisture, fat and ash with every shipment to ensure that our fish is within a customer’s specified formulation requirements.

SAFETY STANDARDS: We process our fish under the requirements of the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act because we believe Pets (and People)™ deserve nothing less than the very best.

Andy & Erin Vitaljic
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